How to clean up apt-get

Dr. Scott S. Jones drjones at
Mon Sep 19 15:34:02 MDT 2005

As I started the "apt-get clean up" thread, here's what I finally did to 
clean up the situation, at least regarding the errors that show up:

for those packages, which were missing an .info file, they 
were part of apache 1.3 installation, and I simply mv'ed those to a new 
file name in place. Apache still appears to load up as before, I assume 
as it's running apache 2, so no loss. I guess I should just purge the 
apache 1.3 from my system.

As for the libapache-mod-perl which was showing up with errors, per my 
prior posts, I found about 8 files for it on my system. As I am not 
currently employing perl with apache, I simply deleted those from my 
system. I realize at some point down the road I may have to tangle with 
these issues again.

When I bring up the default page, for my office system, it shows the 
spartan test page for apache; yet, on my home system, which also has 
apache installed, I get the debian-apache test page with the GNU and 
penguin standing there, the silhouette picture. I'd like to be running 
THAT Debian-GNU/Apache installation instead.

How do I move my office system to run that version which shows up on my 
home system? Any suggestions on testing an Apache installation?


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