How to clean up apt-get

Nicholas Leippe nick at
Mon Sep 19 10:55:26 MDT 2005

On Saturday 17 September 2005 09:54 am, Tyler Strickland wrote:
> Admittedly, Gentoo has intrigued me over the years, but the thought of
> the time involved with compiling everything from source has thus far
> deterred me.

I've found this to be less and less of an issue for me.  Sure, I have to wait 
a day to do an update to kde, but that's only what, every 6 months?

I installed gentoo on a new firewall (an old P2 350 w/192MB) in less than a 
day.  It only took about 30min of my actual time, then just let it run--about 
the same as a binary distro that makes you wait while it unpacks a gig of 
packages--except I can work on the final setup while it's compiling things.  
One thing that I've found very useful, is that the install can be done on a 
working, production system, remotely, w/o interfering with it--since it's all 
done in a chroot environment.

Granted, a full desktop environment with X and a heavy-weight desktop will 
cost more time to initially install.  But, upgrades are as simple as 'emerge 
--update world' and letting it run overnight or in the background.  I've 
found that for me, a little longer wait is a far better experience than 
getting it 'right now', especially when 'right now' involves *me* having to 
resolve dependency issues manually.


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