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Andy Bradford amb-plug at bradfords.org
Sun Sep 18 21:36:14 MDT 2005

Thus said Grant Shipley on Sun, 18 Sep 2005 19:43:48 MDT:

> Some argue that if the economy were to colapse, the only currency that
> would  be  worth  anything  (other  than  food),  would  be  gold  and
> silver.=20 I will let Andy B. expound more on this if he desires.

I suppose that  would depend entirely on the degree  of the collapse and
the amount  of information the  public has. People can  sometimes outwit
even the likes of Alan Greenspan and his printing presses.

Oh, and for a  good read on gold and sliver that  may be more convincing
than anything I could ever write:

[What Has Government Done to Our Money]

[Honest Money]

By the way,  how many of you know  what a dollar is? How  about what the
Constitution defines  as a  dollar? Have  there been  any constitutional
amendments ratified  that change what  a dollar  is? Or does  the dollar
actually have  a fixed  value, much like  an inch is  always an  inch, a
foot, always  a foot,  a pound  always a pound,  etc... Clearly  the the
Federal Reserve Notes,  which most assume is a dollar,  have lost 95% of
their purchasing power since 1933, so this can't be the dollar for which
Congress was  given power to  coin, regulate  and fix the  *standard* of
weights and measures.

Grant, by pulling me into this OT,  I expect you to read the assignments
listed above.  ;-)

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