The perfect MP3 player

Hans Fugal hans at
Sun Sep 18 12:30:42 MDT 2005

On Sat, 17 Sep 2005 at 22:04 -0600, Grant Shipley wrote:
> >and that's 6 more than I've even had the cash to think about buying. ;-)
> Its all a matter of having your priorites straight. :)  I waste a lot
> of money on electronic equipment (eg, 2 HDTV Tivos that I bought the
> day they came out at crazy insane regretable prices)

Ok, point taken. My money sink of choice is school. I'm being funny, but
not facetious - I really do like school and I'm in grad school now, and
I recognize that it does take away a lot of the money I might otherwise
spend on toys like mp3 players. Even I couldn't stand to be a poor
student forever, though, so it's nice to know that when I get done with
school I'll be better off for it. 

And yes, I agree electronics is much more fun than Jazz games, etc.

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