The perfect MP3 player

Ross Werner ross at
Sun Sep 18 11:21:59 MDT 2005

On Sun, 18 Sep 2005, Dave Smith wrote:
> Grant Shipley wrote:
>> I waste my money on electronics, other people waste their money on
>> going to Jazz games, fancy sports cars, expensive clothes,
>> fishing/hunting gear, guns, etc etc.
> Yeah, I guess we all have our weaknesses... I waste my money on Roth IRA 
> mutual funds, my 401(k), and paying down my house.

If you don't have any hobbies, what are you living for anyway? I've never 
owned an mp3 player either, but I certainly blow large amounts of cash on 
my various hobbies. If you don't have enough money/time to spend on things 
you enjoy doing, I'd recommend taking a good hard look at your life and 
see if there isn't something you'd "rather be doing".

 	~ Ross

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