Procmail recipe to forward a copy of an email

Dave Smith DavidSmith at
Sat Sep 17 17:34:35 MDT 2005

Tyler Strickland wrote:
  > See for a long
> description of the solution.  The short answer is to use :0c: instead of 
> :0: to start it off.

Thanks Tyler. This worked like a charm. For the rest of the world, 
adding "c" in ":0c:" means "Make a copy of the email for this rule, 
rather than moving the actual email, and still run through all the other 
procmail rules". So, for forwarding messages with procmail, while still 
allowing all your other procmail rules to work, this works great:

   * .
   !copies at

Anyway, it's a great way to forward copies of email with procmail.

Yes, I've loaded this up with keywords so I can google it easily later.

Regards, Procmail, Copy, Forward,

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