suse multimedia problem

nikhil d purwant nikhilpurwant at
Fri Sep 16 13:32:49 MDT 2005

hi people 

         i am using suse 9.3 professional and whenever i try to play any video file  error loading divxc32.dll error is encountered on both xine and keffeine so i used yast and downloaded the updates to get mm packs 1234 it worked once but when i installed some other application it stopped working again so i reinstalled suse and agin used yast but now it does not work at all please tell me a fullproof solution to get multimedia working in suse 9.3 coz i love this linux so much and don't want to leave it for this reason also with mp3 plugin xmms does play mp3 songs but it does not play ones dragged and dropped so please tell me some solution to this too if possible

thanks in advance


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