How to clean up apt-get

Steve smorrey at
Fri Sep 16 12:28:06 MDT 2005

Al Byers wrote:

>>I remember dependency hell.  It's a vague and distant, yet unpleasant 
>>Thank heaven for Gentoo ;)
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>>Don't fear the penguin.
>How does Gentoo do a better job of this than Debian? Does it use Debian
>packages? Is the difference between Ubuntu, Debian and Gentoo lie in the
>strength of their package archives?
>PLUG:, #utah on
>Don't fear the penguin.
Don't get me wrong, Ubuntu is a great way to install a distro, quick and 
slick every single time, and I do have friends who run it successfully 
w/o issue.  However MY experience with it post-install has not been very 
pleasant.  As for Debian, I have never been able to get Debian to run on 
any box I've tried it on. With Gentoo, once you get past the initial 
install has always been a breeze for me.
But then you must also remember last time I went distro hopping, I had 
been using FreeBSD as my desktop OS for about 2-3 years and got fed up 
with not having Java, so I set out to find the most FreeBSD like distro 
I could find.
Maybe thats why I'm such a Gentoo FanBoy ;)

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