Recommendations for Linux on an old laptop.

jeff jeff at
Fri Sep 16 07:13:07 MDT 2005

One thing to beware on using FC4 or any of the other cores, is that if 
you use a file system like reiser or xfs, it will not boot without fixing.

They still create grub.conf and tstab files with labels regardless of 
wheather the filesystem supports them.  So, you will have to boot to a 
CD or something and edit both grub and the fstab to use the devices.

I'd have thought they'd fix that by now.

Charles Curley wrote:
> On Fri, Sep 09, 2005 at 04:29:31PM -0600, Walter Holladay wrote:
>>Hey Pluggers,
>>I have an old Dell Latitude CPi laptop. It has a Pentium II running at 
>>266 MHz with 128 MB RAM. What would be a good distro of Linux to install 
>>on it? There is no CD ROM drive in it, so if this distro had an FTP 
>>install option that would probably be best.
> Well, I just set up a gateway/firewall on a 133 MHz PII w/ 68 MB of
> physical memory on it. I used Fedora Core 4. You can install via NFS
> or FTP. I recommend NFS, as it is faster and requires less memory when
> you install.


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