uneven problem

Tyler Strickland tyler at tylers.org
Thu Sep 15 23:35:32 MDT 2005

On 09/15/2005 07:56 PM, Hans Fugal wrote:
>> On Thu, 15 Sep 2005 at 10:22 -0500, Michael Halcrow wrote:
>>I think it's time the PLUG admins start to make it more obvious in the
>>mailing list sign-up process that there is an important difference
>>between Provo, Utah and Pune, India.
> I found out today that Phoenix' user group is surprisingly named PLUG as
> well. Maybe we can send our Pune friends there.

I just moved up here a couple of months ago from the Phoenix area, where 
I was occasionally involved with the Phoenix LUG.  In fact, a good 
friend of mine down there is on the PLUG steering committee, so when we 
chat I always have to be careful about specifying which LUG I'm talking 
about.  Fortunately, both groups are great LUG's to be a part of, so 
there's not much to worry about.  :)

As for the Indians, 2/3 of Arizona is made up of Indian reservations, so 
I'm not sure we need to send them any more... ;-)


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