The perfect MP3 player

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Thu Sep 15 18:25:08 MDT 2005

Andrew Hunter wrote:

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>I admit... this has me intrigued.  It suggests that there is a substantial
>community working on making the iPod independent of Apple-- a big plus,
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>Don't fear the penguin.
I have eschewed iPods myself, due to battery life and replacement 
concerns.  However during my latest foray into buying and MP3 player, I 
found that apple had settled a class action suit against it that was 
dealing with battery life. Not too sure on the details, but if someone 
knows something more please feel free to let me know.
I myself have still not fully decided on an MP3 player, but then again 
my entire music collection consists of < 1gig so I'm basically looking 
at flash based MP3 players at this time.

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