Quickest way to copy a hard disk?

Michael Huston mike at jhuston.com
Thu Sep 15 17:41:01 MDT 2005

I have downloaded a number of bootable utility Linuxes. The problem is
this, I have a drive that is flaking out on a Promise Fasttrack 100
raid card. The drive has been unplugged and will remain so until I
figure out what to do. I was assuming that using a linux copying
utility would be the fastest method, but I know that many Linuxeses did
not even support reading NTFS, let alone writing. I have found that
with newer versions of Knoppix, I could read and write NTFS, but I
don't know if that would be compatible with a promise raid card. 

To reitterate, all I need is to know the fastest way to move 40 gb of
data from a Promise Fasttrack raid to the primary master drive.

Thank you in advance,

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