The perfect MP3 player

Andrew Hunter andrewm_hunter at
Thu Sep 15 17:34:57 MDT 2005

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> Grant Robinson

> Perhaps you would like to expound on why you are against using
> something that will help you with organizing/finding/sycning your
> music?  (and I'm not just talking about iTunes.  I'm talking about
> RhythmBox/insert your favorite music organizer here)

It's not so much a matter of dislike organizing software as what I thought
was the requirement of using iTunes.  Reading further along, I see that
there are many other options worthy of consideration.  Even so, isn't Apple
doing its best to prevent iPods from working with other software?  For
example, I recall that Real and Apple fought for a while.  Obviously, they
can't change the firmware easily, but I'd rather not deal with a company
that seems determined to force a single purchase and management option on
users.  That said, I admit that I am asking for advice because of an
abundance of ignorance, and may be completely wrong.

I should have mentioned battery life in my original wishlist.  Many iPod
owners have found the battery life to be pretty abysmal, and the replacement
tedious and expensive.


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