The perfect MP3 player

Brett Rasmussen brett.rasmussen at
Thu Sep 15 09:01:47 MDT 2005

I have an Archos Jukebox Recorder. It's a few years old now, but it meets 
all the requirements you listed. Here's an ebay auction of the very model 
I have - search for the item number in the ebay search box: 5809545219.

It's bigger and heavier than today's players - 12 ounces, I think. But 
it's 20 gigs and just shows up as an external usb hard drive. I've mounted 
it on linux and windows. Navigation is just navigating a normal filesystem 
directory structure. You put whatever files you want on it and if they 
happen to be mp3s it'll play them for you.

I didn't use the stock OS much before upgrading to the rockbox firmware 
(, which I like better. It's not quite as smooth to use as 
the ipod interface - and I especially wish it had the click wheel - but 
it's still pretty feature-full and usable for a wisely organized directory 
structure. The rockbox firmware had some discussion of supporting ogg last 
I checked (which was a long time ago), but I don't know where it's gotten 
with that. Looks like rockbox runs on iriver, too, and does ogg.

As for other archos products, they've released an audio/video player and 
pocket hard drives and newer mp3 players. I don't know if the latest 
versions do the "just another usb storage device" thing, but I wouldn't be 
surprised. A quick glance at their site shows some cool-looking smaller 
and sleeker models available these days. Definitely check them out, I'd say.


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