The perfect MP3 player

Erin Sharmahd tuxgirl at
Thu Sep 15 14:26:09 MDT 2005

> Many USB mp3 players have this functionality--they just appear as a USB
> storage device, you copy the mp3 files onto the disk, and the device can
> play the songs. Why wouldn't any hard-drive mp3 players have this
> functionality? Does anyone have a hard-drive mp3 player that appears
> (without any special drivers or software) as a storage device that you can
> copy songs to?

What's your definition of the difference between a USB mp3 player and
a hard-drive mp3 player?

I think that the Archos Jukebox is one that fits that.  It's ugly, and
hideously bulky, and heavy (and by default has one of the worst
user-interfaces i've seen, although i found someplace where you can
replace it with an OSS alternative), but it does show up as a
mountable drive when you plug it into the computer, and you add music
by copying it on...  It's also 20G...  I might be persuaded to trade
mine for a black nano if people really dislike the nano so much.......


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