The perfect MP3 player

Grant Robinson santiago at
Thu Sep 15 14:08:26 MDT 2005

On Sep 15, 2005, at 1:37 PM, Barry Roberts wrote:
>> An 80% market share would tend to say
>> that the people who hate the iPod are in the minority, not the
>> majority.  If they hated it, why would they be buying it?
> Checking the headers to make sure I'm on the right list... Yep, it's
> PLUG.  Windows must be a LOT better than Mac or
> Lnux if quality/satisfaction==market share.

Yes, it's true.  Market share doesn't always equal quality or 
satisfaction.  But for everybody I know who has an iPod or has used an 
iPod (which is quite a few), they have been very happy and very 

> And I only meant iTunes.  AFAICT, it's pretty crappy Windows app.

I haven't used it tons on Windows.  Most of my use has been on OS X.  
It seemed ok when I have used it, but it hasn't been for extended 
periods of time. YMMV.

>> Lastly, I don't know of many (if any) players that _do_ let you move
>> songs.  At least there are ways to move songs using the iPod, even if
>> they are low-level.
> You got me there.  If no other player lets you get your music off the
> player, that's not a strike against an iPod.

See the other posts about this.

> The other thing that I hope will REALLY make me like my iPod is when
> linux runs on the iPods you can buy new now.  It looks like its
> getting close, so if it does get finished, iPods would totally rule.

I wouldn't get all that excited about it.  My iPod dual boots the Apple 
firmware and the latest version of iPodLinux.  The iPodLinux interface 
is almost like the Apple one, only a little less polished (i.e. the 
scroll wheel is a little touchier, etc.) It also really stinks for 
browsing your library and playing music.  It does have better games, 
though. :)  When it can play music as well as the Apple firmware 
(including Ogg files), then it will be worth using.


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