The perfect MP3 player

Grant Shipley gshipley at
Thu Sep 15 14:03:13 MDT 2005

I have been an ipod user since the orginal versions came out.  And I
gotta admit --- I love it.  I have had several other mp3 players and
none have compared.

Yes, you can mount it just like a regular drive.

Can you copy songs directly to the ipod...... Nope.  AFAIK the ipod
uses an internal naming scheme/database and you must therefore use a
program that can speak this language.  (ephpod, gtkpod, etc)

Can you copy songs directly from the iPod?  You betcha.  They are not
named properly but all you have to do is import them into iTunes or
run them through a id3tag file namer.

Does iTunes suck?  :)  No, not really. 

People are going to hate the iPod for the pure sake of it being an
iPod.  Anything that is popular is hated by some people -- simply
because its mainstream.

And anyone who says the new iPod nano is not the sexiest mp3 player
they have seen -- is not telling the truth.  Don't hate it just
because its an iPod.

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