The perfect MP3 player

Barry Roberts blr at
Thu Sep 15 13:37:49 MDT 2005

On Thu, Sep 15, 2005 at 12:58:06PM -0600, Grant Robinson wrote:
> First of all, clarify "a lot".  

Everybody I work with got a free iPod Mini.  A LARGE percentage (it's
been a while, so I can't count, exactly) had problems getting iTunes
to work with windows and even more complained about options randomly
disabling and then coming back after a re-boot.

> An 80% market share would tend to say 
> that the people who hate the iPod are in the minority, not the 
> majority.  If they hated it, why would they be buying it?

Checking the headers to make sure I'm on the right list... Yep, it's
PLUG.  Windows must be a LOT better than Mac or
Lnux if quality/satisfaction==market share.

And I only meant iTunes.  AFAICT, it's pretty crappy Windows app.

> Lastly, I don't know of many (if any) players that _do_ let you move 
> songs.  At least there are ways to move songs using the iPod, even if 
> they are low-level.

You got me there.  If no other player lets you get your music off the
player, that's not a strike against an iPod.

The other thing that I hope will REALLY make me like my iPod is when
linux runs on the iPods you can buy new now.  It looks like its
getting close, so if it does get finished, iPods would totally rule.


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