The perfect MP3 player

Ross Werner ross at
Thu Sep 15 13:28:17 MDT 2005

On Thu, 15 Sep 2005, Andrew Hunter wrote:
> Instead of having to use iTunes, WMP or some other proprietary program 
> to load songs, I would like to be able to just drag my MP3 directories 
> to it and play the tunes.

Wow, I thought that almost all mp3 players (apart from the iPod) just 
appeared as mass storage devices, not needing any extra software to copy 
mp3 files onto the device and then play. But after looking around a bit, I 
can't find a single one with this ability!

Many USB mp3 players have this functionality--they just appear as a USB 
storage device, you copy the mp3 files onto the disk, and the device can 
play the songs. Why wouldn't any hard-drive mp3 players have this 
functionality? Does anyone have a hard-drive mp3 player that appears 
(without any special drivers or software) as a storage device that you can 
copy songs to?

   ~ Ross

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