The perfect MP3 player

Barry Roberts blr at
Thu Sep 15 12:20:47 MDT 2005

On Thu, Sep 15, 2005 at 11:42:07AM -0600, Grant Robinson wrote:
> Except for using iTunes (and perhaps budget), I would say an iPod fits 
> your bill.  Lets run down the checklist:

I would say an iPod is pretty far from that.  Yes you can mount it
up as a hard drive and drag and drop files to it.  But not music.
Unless all you want to use it for is to copy files around, and not
play them on the iPod.

If you want to actually play the music on the iPod, you have to use
something like gtkpod, iTunes, etc. to update the .db files.

> iPod is #1 for a reason - the interface is very intuitive, and it's 
> very easy to use.  Until something else comes along that trumps it's 
> ease of use and interface, that is my recommendation.

It's also SEVERELY hated by a lot of people.  It's interface isn't
that obvious to a lot of Windows users I know, and using iTunes you
CAN'T get your music off the iPod.  You have to have gtkpod (or the
low-level tools it uses, or something like it) on one end or the other
to use your iPod to copy music files, say from work to home.

iPods are ok.  I like mine, but only because I didn't have to pay for


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