The perfect MP3 player

Jonathan Ellis jonathan at
Thu Sep 15 12:16:05 MDT 2005

On Thu, 15 Sep 2005 10:39:40 -0600, "Andrew Hunter"
<andrewm_hunter at> said:
> I would like it to have about 20GB of
> storage,
> decent size and durability, and a nice interface.  Moreover, I would like
> it
> to show up as a mass storage device in Linux, MacOS.X and Windows. 
> Instead
> of having to use iTunes, WMP or some other proprietary program to load
> songs, I would like to be able to just drag my MP3 directories to it and
> play the tunes.  It should also be able to store other files, acting as
> an
> external hard drive.  OGG support would be great, but not essential.

Back when I was looking at mp3 players a year ago, the only ones that
appear as a storage device without having to first install special
drivers were the ipod and iriver players.  Of those, only the iriver
supports ogg.

I got an iriver (after sending back dell and creative players) and like
it, FWIW.


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