The perfect MP3 player

Grant Robinson santiago at
Thu Sep 15 11:42:07 MDT 2005

On Sep 15, 2005, at 10:39 AM, Andrew Hunter wrote:

> Hi.  I wonder if I'm asking too much sometimes. I am looking for an MP3
> player that might not exist.  I would like it to have about 20GB of 
> storage,
> decent size and durability, and a nice interface.  Moreover, I would 
> like it
> to show up as a mass storage device in Linux, MacOS.X and Windows.  
> Instead
> of having to use iTunes, WMP or some other proprietary program to load
> songs, I would like to be able to just drag my MP3 directories to it 
> and
> play the tunes.  It should also be able to store other files, acting 
> as an
> external hard drive.  OGG support would be great, but not essential.
> Ability to wash dishes, vacuum and a cost of less than $20 would be 
> great.

I was once one whose favorite software MP3 player was WinAmp/XMMS.  
Then I bought my Mac.  At first, I thought iTunes was overkill.  Then I 
reached a critical mass (1000 songs) where I could no longer easily 
remember every song in my Library.  I have since grown to love iTunes.  
It has helped me organize things, it has great searching capabilities, 
and creating new mixes/playlists is a snap.  So is loading music onto 
my iPod.  I have enough space that I just let it sync automatically, 
and it is just way too easy.

Perhaps you would like to expound on why you are against using 
something that will help you with organizing/finding/sycning your 
music?  (and I'm not just talking about iTunes.  I'm talking about 
RhythmBox/insert your favorite music organizer here)

Except for using iTunes (and perhaps budget), I would say an iPod fits 
your bill.  Lets run down the checklist:

20 GB of storage - check
decent size/durability - check
nice interface - double check
mass storage device/external hard drive - check
Windows/Linux/MacOSX - check[1]

iPod is #1 for a reason - the interface is very intuitive, and it's 
very easy to use.  Until something else comes along that trumps it's 
ease of use and interface, that is my recommendation.

Also, as far as Linux goes, I know there are several apps that will 
sync-up your iPod, but I have never tried them.  But you can always run 
iTunes through wine/CrossOver Office.


[1] You will need to use it formatted as FAT32, but that is (as far as 
I know) the only filesystem supported on all 3 OS's without special 

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