Phantom Server Reboot

Jason K Larson plug at
Thu Sep 15 11:38:18 MDT 2005

kirk wrote:
> I am running redhat, and last nught it seems that my server rebooted itself
> for no reason.
> ...
> This machine is not web accessable so I doubt I have been hacked, and the
> last login was 4 hours before the reboot.
> Any Ideas why it would reboot?
> Thanks.

I'd suggest dropping some bootable CD with Memtest86 on it and run that 
until you can see errors or atleast 10 successful passes from the full 
suite of tests.  I was seeing similar issues with a server and at first 
memtest seemed to run fine,.. but when I let it run longer it almost 
always gave me errors on the 8th or so pass.  I was able to isolate the 
bad memory and resolve my issues and the box has been happily quite 
stable since then every day gaining more uptime.

Jason K Larson

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