djbdns and second and third domains

Jason K Larson plug at
Thu Sep 15 11:27:20 MDT 2005

Alan Young wrote:
> I'm running djbdns and trying to get a second and third domain under control.
> My main domain works just fine.  If I ping domain1 I get instantaneous
> response.  If I ping domain2 or domain3 I get up to a 30 second delay
> on the same system and just a timeout from any other system.  Trying
> to access any service from the 2 domains times out.

Are you getting a response, can you ever see the name resolve to an ip?

> I'm fairly certain the data file is correct--mainly because the log
> file shows the request in the current log file.  But I can't find any
> kind of an error log.  All it gives me is something I'm assuming is a
> timestamp, a set of 3 hex numbers separated by a colon and a minus
> (all the ones for the main domain are plus) and the domain name.

The key to the log is the +/- for the query.  For instance consider the 

@400000004329ac4d1cfad89c a5155359:fd6c:ce38 + 000f
@400000004329ac4d29f16f34 3f4c2202:aabe:20ad + 0001

This is the result of two lookups for different record types (000f and 
0001) the + indicates it was found in the data file and a response was 
sent.  The fact you are getting - leads me to think your data file is 
not correct.  I could help you with either examples or you can post what 
you have and I can see what needs to happen to make it happy.

The first @###... is the tai64 timestamp format and can be seen with:

# tai64nlocal
@400000004329ac4d1cfad89c      <pasted>
2005-09-15 11:15:25.486201500  <response>
<ctrl-c to exit>

> I'm looking for docs on the log format.  In the meantime, any pointers or ideas?

Knowing the log format is very worthwhile, have you also tried using the 
djbdns query tools?  For instance:

# dnsq any
# dnsqr any

> I'm running on a linode, on gentoo if that makes any difference.

I'm running djbdns on several Gentoo boxes (hardened and normal).  I 
love Gentoo.

> Additionally, I'm using godaddy as my registrar.  My main domain is
> bootstrapped to point to itself using ns1 and ns2 domainname (I know
> this is unwise for a production system, but this isn't a production
> system) and the other two domains are pointing to ns1 and ns2 at the
> main domain, but not bootstrapped.

Jason K Larson

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