HOSTS File issues

Jason K Larson plug at
Thu Sep 15 11:12:46 MDT 2005

Steve wrote:
> Ok I've finally given up on trying to get bind working.
> There is no reason that I can see for the domain to not be resolving at 
> this point, so rather than waste more time attempting to get my own dns 
> server working, I've decided to use EveryDNS,
> It's a great service, it's free and it just seemed to work inuitively 
> without dealing with the crap I was getting trying to admin my own bind 
> server from within webmin.
> Anyways, just wanted to drop a line and say thank for the tip.
> BTW I donated $15, well worth the lack of headaches if you ask me.
> Thanx again everyone!

I use EveryDNS as well,.. but in my case I host a primary BIND9 daemon 
that acts as the master for the EveryDNS servers.  Then once an hour 
EveryDNS will check the serial on my records and zone transfer as 
needed.  This keeps all the real-life queries off my daemon and still 
allows me controls for things like PTR and AAAA (ipv6) records that are 
not available from the web interface of EveryDNS.

I'm a huge fan of djbdns, but I've been falling back in love with BIND9 
when combined with hosting from EveryDNS.  I still use dnscache on all 
my boxes (except the one running BIND9) and I couldnt be happier.

Jason K Larson

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