The perfect MP3 player

Andrew Hunter andrewm_hunter at
Thu Sep 15 10:39:40 MDT 2005

Hi.  I wonder if I'm asking too much sometimes. I am looking for an MP3
player that might not exist.  I would like it to have about 20GB of storage,
decent size and durability, and a nice interface.  Moreover, I would like it
to show up as a mass storage device in Linux, MacOS.X and Windows.  Instead
of having to use iTunes, WMP or some other proprietary program to load
songs, I would like to be able to just drag my MP3 directories to it and
play the tunes.  It should also be able to store other files, acting as an
external hard drive.  OGG support would be great, but not essential.
Ability to wash dishes, vacuum and a cost of less than $20 would be great.

It seems tough to get a straight answer from manufacturer websites about
mass storage drag-and-drop playing of songs.  Any ideas?  Thanks in


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