Grinding noises from my Video Card?

Jason Hall jason at
Wed Sep 14 15:48:49 MDT 2005

On Wednesday 14 September 2005 02:58 pm, Steve wrote:
> Any suggestions?  Also any good places off-line and/or online your could
> recommend for purchasing it?

If you are looking for just a slight upgrade, a Geforce MX4000 with 64 or 
128mb memory will still be an upgrade, but you can easily find them in stock 
at local places for $40 or so.  most at that price range will still have dual 
head capability and tv out (although some wont', if you care, check).

Great little cards, handle 3d jsut fine unless you are playing the newest 
games.  Heck, I just removed my old Ti4200 2 weeks ago, and it still played 
all the latest stuff except BF2, just not quite as high of resolution.

Great cards in the 4xxx series, and cheap now.  5xxx are functional, but not 
really any better for the price.

> p.s. I'm noticing a few sub $200 computers around Walmart and the like,
> I hear they run Linspire and/or Windoze which can be taken care of with
> a simple format, but how does the hardware typically compare?

They suck, cheap intel or s3 type onboard.  Only expect to do lower quality 2d 
stuff with them.

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