Need help restoring X window system

Steve smorrey at
Wed Sep 14 15:05:13 MDT 2005

Brad Dorner wrote:

>The last time that happened to me I just renamed the .kde or .gnome, I
>don't remember which I was running at the time, and then restarted the
>computer. That did it. I don't know if yours is the same problem though.
That may work, but I'm going off the assumption at this time that for 
some reason, some critical x component such as .Xauthority is showing as 
in use by root, or possibly he does not have the permissions to access 
that component.
One way to check would be to launch XDM/GDM/KDM as root, and see if you 
can login as normal and log out.
However I am recommending he send a full copy of his Xorg.0.log file and 
his xorg.conf to me to off list smorrey at to take a look at.  
Something is very fishy here, and I would LOVE to be the one who figures 
it out ;)

Eitherway, yast2 has an ncurses interface last time I checked, and he 
could also try uninstalling and reinstalling xorg from there and seeing 
if that fixes the whole issue.  As a last resort, he could also try 
sticking his SuSE install disk in and rebooting, then doing a "Repair 
existing SuSE install".

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