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Wed Sep 14 11:10:53 MDT 2005

Thus said Steve on Wed, 14 Sep 2005 00:47:23 MDT:

> There is  of course also  the assertion that  change will not  come by
> force but by fiat. If there is not a revolution in **Tiananmen square,
> there may very  well be an evolution in the  culture, where as greater
> knowledge is  gained by the people  of thier condition, they  begin to
> demand more and more freedoms and rights from thier government.

This reminds me of an article I read in the not too distant past:


Specifically the quote:

``What this suggests  is that the most important work  to do for liberty
is intellectual work. An ideological force of resistance must thrive and
have a voice. Intellectuals committed  to liberty need support for their
work. They need the freedom to  write and speak and research. There must
be a means to disseminate their  ideas and attract young thinkers. There
must  be  a means  in  place  to propagate  these  ideas  in forms  that
reach the  largest number  of social  and business  leaders, as  well as
professionals of  all sorts. These  ideas must further have  a component
that attracts the broadest possible support from the public.''

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