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Doran L. Barton fozz at
Sun Sep 11 14:58:22 MDT 2005

Jake Pollmann wrote:
>>I was really just taking a stab  at Gmail since there is already no hope
>>for Outlook.
> Outlook _is_ truly helpless... other than it helps me manage my email,
> tasks, calendar, facilitates collaboration with my coworkers, has the
> best webmail interface I know of, and seamlessly integrates with my
> PDA & phone, it is a steaming pile of crap.  ;-)

And Outlook is largely responsible - being the prime target - for a 
large share of the malicious code that affects Windows systems.

For more information:

< >

My 2 mites: Thunderbird renders plain text e-mail data in a monospace 
font- as it should be. Or, at least, I have it configured that way. 
Otherwise I wouldn't have switched to it from mutt.

I vote for no-action... not that my vote holds any value.


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