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Hans Fugal hans at
Sun Sep 11 13:38:44 MDT 2005

Just for the record, "-- \n" is the traditional signature leader. Not
"--\n", or /--\s\s+\n/. The new old plug footer used "-- \n", although I
knew it would probably give some mail readers hernias, when the poster
also had a signature. I bounced some messages to gmail and it seems
gmail can't even make up its mind. In any case, the PLUG footer is
usually a separate MIME message part, only it is usually rendered
seamlessly by most mail readers. 

So that didn't work quite as well as I'd hoped (and I wasn't hoping for
perfection even), plus I've decided things like this look dumb:

> -- 
> Alan
> --
> PLUG:, #utah on

So I've modified it just a bit more. Stuart, I added the unsubscribe
link you asked for, but it was never in the footer to begin with.

Lest anyone think I take the side of the proportionally-spaced fonts,
let me just say that IMHO if your mail reader doesn't show plain/text in
a monospace font, then it was designed for people who forward jokes,
cute stories, and "opportunities". I pity you for being forced to use
such a reader. (for coercion is the only explanation I can think of)

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