mailing list footer addition request

Andy Bradford amb-plug at
Sun Sep 11 13:26:25 MDT 2005

Thus said Jake Pollmann on Sun, 11 Sep 2005 12:59:28 MDT:

> I'll leave it to the other master debaters on the PLUG list to explain
> why that isn't a logical conclusion.

1: Subject is ``mailing list footer addition request''
2: PLUG list footer is ``ASCII Art'' (I never thought so really, but I use an email client that doesn't render it incorrectly).
3: Pollmann suggests ASCII art should be a thing of the past.

Given the topic 1, and the fact that PLUG's list footer is considered by
some to be ``ASCII Art'' 2, what does 3 mean? Either it suggests that it
should be replaced with art that is non-ASCII (such as a graphical image
which is likewise considered art) or it may also subtly suggest that the
footer be removed altogether.

Otherwise, what  was your point  about ASCII Art?  Was it an  attempt to
hijack  the  thread with  an  OT  post? If  so,  there  is plenty  about
hijacking threads in the archives. :-)

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