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Andy Bradford amb-plug at
Sun Sep 11 12:59:50 MDT 2005

Thus said Stuart Jansen on Sun, 11 Sep 2005 12:49:42 MDT:

> Wonder if that  means that gmail hides  my sig. It is  a long standing
> convention that sigs start with --. For an Internet savy company, I've
> been pretty surprised and disappointed in gmail and its odd behaviors.

It does appear to hide your signature only part of the time, for example
gmail hides your signature in your reply to my email. It doesn't seem to
know what to  do with your PGP  signature so it just displays  it in the
body, after the hidden ASCII signature.

In other emails you have posted it shows your ASCII signature but with a
grey font instead  of black (so it apparently knows  something about the
--  convention),  but still  doesn't  know  what  to  do with  your  PGP

And actually,  if I'm not mistaken,  the -- was originally  used to tell
majordomo  mailing lists  to  ignore the  rest of  the  email (to  avoid
processing commands).

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