mailing list footer addition request

Jake Pollmann jake.pollmann at
Sun Sep 11 12:59:28 MDT 2005

On 9/11/05, Andy Bradford <amb-1064524778 at> wrote:
> Thus said Jake Pollmann on Sat, 10 Sep 2005 18:32:54 MDT:
> > I  didn't advocate  embedded images,  rich text,  or html  email. Your
> > point is valid, but who disagreed with you?
> It seemed a  logical conclusion that since you thought  ASCII art should
> go away  and since you  didn't indicate that  the footer should  also be
> removed,  that you  were suggesting  instead that  the footer  should be
> replaced with  something non-ASCII.

I'll leave it to the other master debaters on the PLUG list to explain
why that isn't a logical conclusion.


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