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Andy Bradford amb-plug at
Sun Sep 11 12:29:56 MDT 2005

Thus said Ross Werner on Sun, 11 Sep 2005 10:59:30 MDT:

> I think the point of miscommunication is that "non-ASCII-art" does not
> mean  "non-ASCII". ASCII  art depends  on monospaced  fonts; something
> that  is merely  ASCII  does not  (like  the new  footer,  to which  I
> whole-heartedly pledge my support).

I  would  argue that  unless  the  email  is  text/html (as  opposed  to
text/plain)  and actually  specifies a  font to  be used  that the  only
sensible way to  render it is with monospaced fonts  (which is what most
sensible  email  clients already  do  that  haven't had  their  defaults
modified); unless of course my entire  Internet expirience up to now has
been a deream...  Please consider that the only email  clients that seem
to have problems with the PLUG footer  (or any other ASCII art sig), are
Outlook and Gmail  (and possibly other webmail interfaces  that make the
same mistake). At least with Gmail  if you click on ``Show original'' it
will actually get the right font.

It looks like the PLUG signature has changed already... I also note that
you are using PINE so it probably renders perfectly for you already. :-)

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