mailing list footer addition request

Andy Bradford amb-plug at
Sun Sep 11 10:05:22 MDT 2005

Thus said Jake Pollmann on Sat, 10 Sep 2005 18:32:54 MDT:

> I  didn't advocate  embedded images,  rich text,  or html  email. Your
> point is valid, but who disagreed with you?

It seemed a  logical conclusion that since you thought  ASCII art should
go away  and since you  didn't indicate that  the footer should  also be
removed,  that you  were suggesting  instead that  the footer  should be
replaced with  something non-ASCII.

> Never. Is  PLUG in  need? I  have surplus bandwidth  if PLUG  needs it
> (contact me off list).

I doubt it  is in need of  bandwidth at the moment, and  this was really
just a point to follow-up my conclusion.

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