Mapping Mouse Buttons (And Other Things)

Ross Werner ross at
Sat Sep 10 20:07:38 MDT 2005

On Sat, 10 Sep 2005, Topher Fischer wrote:
> Actually, Dorothy, you've had the power all along, you just need to look
> deeper into the powers of xbindkeys.  Just use `xbindkeys -mk` and click
> you mouse keys in the little white window that appears, and you can find
> the values to appropriately map your mouse key clicks and wheel movements.

Along these same lines, I've had the hankering to map, say, CTRL-H to 
"Left Arrow". (Actually, I want to map Windows-H to "Left Arrow", and map 
Caps Lock to the Windows key, but it all ends up being the same question.)

Xmodmap will allow me to switch keys around at will, but it considers 
"CTRL-H" and other such combinations (quite rightly) as being two 
keypresses and thus, sadly enough, is not able to (so far as I can tell) 
map the combination into any other keycode.

Any suggestions?

   ~ Ross

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