mailing list footer addition request

Andy Bradford amb-plug at
Sat Sep 10 11:04:33 MDT 2005

Thus said Jake Pollmann on Fri, 09 Sep 2005 14:11:51 MDT:

> Say what you will,  but Outlook and Gmail are what  I use because they
> are the best solutions for my applications.

I was really just taking a stab  at Gmail since there is already no hope
for Outlook.

> I too, believe that ASCII art in sigs should be a thing of the past.

Granted,  the PLUG  mailing  list  isn't super  large,  but imagine  the
bandwidth costs incurred  of attaching even a 1k image  instead of a 190
byte ASCII footer. When did you send in your last donation for PLUG? No,
I prefer  my emails to arrive  quickly when possible and  if using ASCII
footers is faster, then by all means,  lets use them (if footers we must

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