broadband options in Utah Valley?

Gary Thornock gthornock at
Sat Sep 10 02:07:13 MDT 2005

--- Steve <smorrey at> wrote:
>> I use Qwest DSL. Started with 256K, then 1.5 megabit, then 7
>> megabit. Never had a day down in two years.  Never had slow
>> speeds or other issues.
> And your experience with Qworst has been the polar opposite of
> mine.  I've been giving them a try every couple of years or so
> since 1996.  Never had uptime of more than about 3 days.

Which is still better than I've been able to manage: in the years
I've owned my house, I've checked with Qwest every six months
or so to find out if they've /finally/ got DSL available.  The
answer has always been no.  Now, if I were somewhere west of
the lake, I could imagine a valid excuse for that, but in a
neighborhood near BYU, it just doesn't compute.

Comcast did somewhat better, although they also had their share
of problems.  For one, Comcast was the reason I finally gave in
and started running my own DNS server at home.  They also stopped
offering static IP addresses (their predecessor, Excite at Home, did
offer them).

I finally ended up getting an iProvo connection when that service
rolled out in my area.  Highly recommended, although I wish
XMission were one of the available providers.

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