broadband options in Utah Valley?

Steve smorrey at
Sat Sep 10 01:39:36 MDT 2005

>I use Qwest DSL. Started with 256K, then 1.5 megabit,
>then 7 megabit. Never had a day down in two years.
>Never had slow speeds or other issues.
And your experience with Qworst has been the polar opposite of mine.
I've been giving them a try every couple of years or so since 1996.
Never had uptime of more than about 3 days.
Been using Linux as a Desktop since 1998 and as my primary OS since 
2001, every time I tell them I'm using Linux and know WTF I'm doing, 
they immediately try to tell me that Linux "Is not compatible with the 
internet!", and get very irate.
Thier customer disservice department, is some of the least trained 
people I have ever had the displeasure of talking with, on another call 
I was attempting to get the DNS server information because my DHCPDaemon 
was hosed, and I needed to get on the net to fix it, and they tried to 
tell me that thier DNS servers do not, I repeat do NOT have IP addresses!
The only exception to this is, one time I called at like 2am on a 
Saturday morning and got a comptent tech, who at least new what DHCP was.
Then a few years ago they decided to use M$N as the primary ISP.
Now every single time I had a problem and called Qworst, it was M$Ns 
fault, and when I called M$N it was always a Qworst issue.
They were able to qualify my line for 1.5MBit last time I tried them, 
and the best speed I ever recieved was 640k, with the average being 
about 256k.
I gave up after that and sold my soul to Comcast when they finally 
offered cable internet.

Oddly enough though, this seems to only be an issue in Utah.  While I 
was living in Wyoming the situation was completely different.  The guy 
who sold me service qualified my line at 1.5MBit, and I was able to get 
it 90% of the time.  The one time we did have a downtime issue, they 
were able to resolve it quickly, I am so impressed by Qwest in Wyoming, 
that I can barely believe they are the same company.

As for broadband in Utah county, get Comcast if you can.  My work-a-day 
job, is supporting the McAfee product they provide free to thier 
customers (I work at Sento), and I spend several hours each day on the 
phone with the techs at comcast, they seem to really know thier stuff.  
Also everytime I've ever needed support about some issue or another, 
they either seem to know right away, or will go and FIND the answer.

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