Recommendations for Linux on an old laptop.

Gary Thornock gthornock at
Fri Sep 9 19:28:19 MDT 2005

--- Walter Holladay <walter at> wrote:
> Hey Pluggers,
> I have an old Dell Latitude CPi laptop. It has a Pentium II
> running at 266 MHz with 128 MB RAM. What would be a good distro
> of Linux to install on it? There is no CD ROM drive in it, so
> if this distro had an FTP install option that would probably be
> best.

Almost any Linux can install over FTP, HTTP, NFS or all of the

With only 128 MB, I'd probably stay away from either of the
heavyweight desktops (KDE/Gnome).  That means that (K)Ubuntu,
Mepis and Suse probably aren't your best options.

My first choice would be FreeBSD, but if you're specifically
looking for a Linux, something like Damn Small or Feather Linux
would be a good choice.  Slackware would probably work well, too.

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