broadband options in Utah Valley?

Eric Jensen eric at
Fri Sep 9 14:19:57 MDT 2005

Greg Hill wrote:

> Ok, so I've been on Digis for a while now, and they've gone from
> reliable to semi-reliable to the ultimate suckiest ISP I've ever used.
> I lagged out of warcraft 3 4 times last night.  Anyway, I'm looking
> into other options around here and they seem rather limited.  If I
> lived in Orem, I could go for the Utopia project (I wish), but I live
> in Pleasant Grove.  So far, the only other options I know of are Qwest
> DSL and UVNet (thanks to someone mentioning it previously on the
> list).  Are there other good options for home internet around here?
> Greg

I also live in P.G. and we use UVNet can't say enough good about them. 
Stay away from FiberNet, we had them first and they were horrid with
both services, internet and customer.  They have a nice policy where
when they recieve a cancellation notice they will shut off your service,
but still bill you every month until you either show up in person and
sign that you want it cancelled for real or fax in your signature with a
statement you *really* want it cancelled.


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