broadband options in Utah Valley?

Matthew Ross Walker matt at
Fri Sep 9 13:27:40 MDT 2005

Greg Hill wrote:
> Ok, so I've been on Digis for a while now, and they've gone from
> reliable to semi-reliable to the ultimate suckiest ISP I've ever used. I
> lagged out of warcraft 3 4 times last night.  Anyway, I'm looking into
> other options around here and they seem rather limited.  If I lived in
> Orem, I could go for the Utopia project (I wish), but I live in Pleasant
> Grove.  So far, the only other options I know of are Qwest DSL and UVNet
> (thanks to someone mentioning it previously on the list).  Are there
> other good options for home internet around here?
> Greg

I've had great service on my DSL line. The line itself is from qworst,
but I use XMission for the ISP. They've been superb.

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