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On Fri, Sep 09, 2005 at 08:15:30AM -0600, Erin Sharmahd wrote:

> I'm still pretty new to the whole corporate culture (only experience
> with it has been summer internships), but I've noticed something very
> interesting.  Some developers I've worked with at internships spend so
> much time in meetings during the work-day that they have to pull extra
> hours to just find the time to actually code without interruption.
> I am not claiming that meetings are bad.  In fact, some meetings are
> extremely useful and important.  However, many meetings could either
> be pared down or combined or something to reduce the time spent in
> meetings....
> Anyway, this is probably old news for everyone actually in industry. 
> I just have found it interesting...

Not news here. It's one of the many things they don't teach you in
school. :-)

I once solved a part of the problem when the only room I could get for
a meeting had no chairs in it. The meeting usually ran 1.5+ hours. We
knocked it down to .25 hours. I continued to get that room until its
chairs finally showed up. Even then, we never went above an hour

For other ways to shorten meetings, check out how the Roman Catholic
Church runs and used to run conclaves.


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