SuSE Users?

Eric Jensen eric at
Fri Sep 9 09:00:59 MDT 2005

Barry Roberts wrote:

>Before I try to figure out YAST and YOU again, does anybody know how
>it compares to apt, apt4rpm or yum?
YAST and YOU work quite well. I'll always be a fan of apt because of
it's speed, but YAST works just as well as apt with Synaptics.

>Can anybody compare openSUSE with, say Fedora Core or Ubuntu for
>novice computer users?
I've used Ubuntu and Fedora a lot and I like Suse more, not tremendously
more but I would pick it over those for a workstation any day.  My
not-so-savy folks tried moving to Linux with Fedora, Mandrake, Ubuntu,
and Suse.  They had a very hard time until they tried Fedora and Suse. 
They like Suse better, but Fedora is a fairly close 2nd.


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