Skilled Java Developer Needed

Erin Sharmahd tuxgirl at
Fri Sep 9 08:15:30 MDT 2005

> In order to fully take advantage of a $150 K guy, you need to let him work in an
> environment where his skills are used properly. It is unlikely that he would be
> able to produce twice as much code in the same amount of time. However, he can
> come up with a way that solves a particular problem using 1/10th of the code
> volume that you would have had to write without him. He can also write the kind
> of code that gives you the same performance on 1/10th of the cost of
> hardware/software. He can also write the kind of code that requires only 10% of
> your support resources to deal with. But you must give him a chance to do that.
> If you make him write large volumes of trivial code, he will be bored and
> actually be producing less than his less expensive peers.

I'm still pretty new to the whole corporate culture (only experience
with it has been summer internships), but I've noticed something very
interesting.  Some developers I've worked with at internships spend so
much time in meetings during the work-day that they have to pull extra
hours to just find the time to actually code without interruption.

I am not claiming that meetings are bad.  In fact, some meetings are
extremely useful and important.  However, many meetings could either
be pared down or combined or something to reduce the time spent in
Anyway, this is probably old news for everyone actually in industry. 
I just have found it interesting...


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