Fwd: UUG Installfest Announcement

Shane Hathaway shane at hathawaymix.org
Thu Sep 8 22:49:43 MDT 2005

Matthew Ross Walker wrote:
> Erin Sharmahd wrote:
>>We will be installing on both Macintosh and PC computers.   Primary
>>distros will be Fedora Core 4 and Ubuntu, but if someone brings their
>>own cds, we will install other distros (not gentoo).
> Awwwww. But I want to make you do a 6 hour minimum install!
> Actually, I agree. Gentoo is not a good choice for an installfest. It's
> a great distro, but it's for enthusiasts who have too much time on there
> hands, or who are like me, and just love it. :)

Gentoo is also for people like me who want all the latest stuff to work 
well together.  In my experience, most of the problems with binary 
packages are due to subtle library incompatibilities.  Gentoo seems to 
eliminate that whole class of bugs.  Thus Gentoo actually saves me the 
time I used to spend chasing down library mismatches.


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