yum repo for squidguard

Lee Higginson leeard at comcast.net
Thu Sep 8 20:15:10 MDT 2005

Does anyone know of a yum repo for squidguard?  I'm not having any luck 
getting it installed by compiling it.  I found an RPM, but it says I 
need to have libdb-3.2.so installed.  After googling for quite some time 
I found out that libdb-3.2.so is part of Berkeley db according to one 
site I found.  I haven't been able to successfully install berkeley db 
either.  I would really appreciate any help anyone can provide.  I 
really don't think installing this should be so difficult, maybe it's 
just the newbie in me.  :)

Lee Higginson
leeard at comcast.net

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