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Doran L. Barton fozz at iodynamics.com
Thu Sep 8 17:04:02 MDT 2005

Steve wrote:
> I don't mean to belittle this job post as I know those who are 
> unemployed or underemployed are very grateful for this type of thing, 
> but can someone please tell me at what point Entry Level, became 
> synonymous with x number years of experience in a rather specialized field?
> I see this all the time "Wanted Entry Level Programmer, must have 2-4 
> years experience in x platform".
> It makes me nuts, when I started out, Entry Level meant you know how 
> basic programming methodologies work, regardless of language.

Entry level is ideal for candidates who top-post and don't trim. Heh heh.

I think someone can get a couple years experience programming in "x 
platform" while in school. Entry level, I've always thought, meant fresh 
out of school, green behind the ears, virginal to the industry, etc.

But I agree, for the most part.

I just don't understand why companies (like this) offer so little 
compensation for jobs which are clearly worth much more pay. It doesn't 
help that the job is in Heber/Park City either. Who wants to spend 1/3 
of their salary on gas?

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