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Steve smorrey at gmail.com
Thu Sep 8 15:32:41 MDT 2005

I don't mean to belittle this job post as I know those who are 
unemployed or underemployed are very grateful for this type of thing, 
but can someone please tell me at what point Entry Level, became 
synonymous with x number years of experience in a rather specialized field?
I see this all the time "Wanted Entry Level Programmer, must have 2-4 
years experience in x platform".
It makes me nuts, when I started out, Entry Level meant you know how 
basic programming methodologies work, regardless of language.

The purpose of entry level is to teach you to become proficient in a 
particular platform, and to gain skills as a programmer, thats why the 
pay usually sucks so badly for entry level work.  It's a trade off, you 
teach me how to program for your particular platform, that I have very 
little to no experience in and I'll accept a lower salary etc.
After 2 years if you are not extremely proficient in a platform, you 
need to get out and go find something new.

What makes me the craziest though is the trend lately which has been to 
call a job entry level, and yeah the duties may even be considered entry 
level by the company, but the skill requirements requested are those of 
a mid level to senior programmer.

This to me is an indication of a company that doesn't value or worse 
doesn't understand what a good IT proffesional really has to bring to 
the table.
I would  honestly be afraid that in 2 years they would still classify 
your work as entry level, assuming of course they are still around in 2 

Shouldn't these ads really read "Wanted Senior Level programmers, to 
work Entry Level job with equivalent salary and benefits?"
The wierd thing is and maybe this is just my skewed view of things, but 
if this were a trend in employment in general and not just the tech 
sector, why do you never seen an ad like this?
"Wanted Middle Manager making $50k per year to work as entry level 
telemarketer, commision based, potential of $10 per hour!"

My point is, if you truly want an "Entry Level" employee, then advertise 
it as such.
Something like...

"Wanted CS grads or equivalent, looking for first job, must know 
essential programming methodologies and be familiar with best 
practices.  Must have good working knowledge of basic programming 
techniques, must have 2.5 GPA or higher, or good refferences from 
community if self taught."

Hell I'ld work an entry level programming job with a company that could 
advertise honestly like that.

Ok enough of my ranting.
Any thoughts?

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>Subject: support engineer wanted
>Date: Tue, 06 Sep 2005 10:47:12 -0600
>From: Dave Jenkins <djenkins at backcountry.com>
>To: jason at infogenix.com
>This entry level position allows successful candidate to join our top
>notch team of Software Engineers in the design, development, deployment,
>and support of web based business applications and web store front.
>NOTE: we are looking for someone to solve bugs and work in a perl-based
>environment. There is very little PHP, and absolutely no Flash,
>Photoshop, or other 'web design' oriented work. This is a programming
>Primary Responsibilities:
>Fix bugs logged by customers and users
>Troubleshoot, develop, and enhance custom applications running on the
>Interchange application server (using Perl and PostgresSQL)
>Participate in the design, development, deployment, and support of new
>web store functionality
>Required experience:
>The qualified individual will have a minimum of either 2 years college
>education in programming or equivalent practical experience
>Desired experience:
>PERL, PostgreSQL, Interchange, HTML, Apache, SQL, XML
>Red Hat Linux operating system
>Prior relational database experience
>Ability to work in a fast paced team environment
>Must be a quick learner
>Strong multitasking abilities and problem solving skills required
>Position is based in our Park City corporate office and may require
>occasional travel to Salt Lake City locations
>Please email resume and salary requirements to jobs at backcountry.com. See
>www.backcountry.com for additional information about us.
>      * Job location is Park City
>      * Compensation: $35K
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